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About This Site

 “Facts Not Fear” is an information campaign organized by the Native Waters on Arid Lands project’s COVID-19 Working Group.

The purpose of this site is to supply Tribal members and Tribal Extension Experts across Indian Country with accurate information and educational resources about the COVID-19 vaccines. By answering questions and dispelling rumors around the COVID19 vaccines, we are working to equip individuals across Indian Country with the information that they need to make decisions based on facts, not fear.

To learn more about Native Waters on Arid Lands, please visit: https://nativewaters-aridlands.com

To learn more about NWAL’s COVID19 Working Group, please visit: https://nativewaters-aridlands.com/covid19


This project is made possible with funding from USDA-NIFA Award #2015-69007-23190 (Native Waters on Arid Lands) and USDA-NIFA Award #2020-68008-32762 (COVID Toolkit Project).

Beverly Ramsey


This site is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Beverly Ramsey, Pierce Falcon Woman, an ecologist and Cherokee grandmother who was a treasured colleague of the NWAL team. She flew home on falcon wings in 2020. Her spirit continues to guide us every day.

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Maureen McCarthy
Program Director, Native Waters on Arid Lands
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Vicki Hebb
Coordinator, Community Services – Extension Mineral County
University of Nevada, Reno
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